Timber Framing

Machine graded pine timber (MGP) is used for structural purposes throughout Australia. Covert Procurement can source untreated & treated timber to suit your project needs today at various lengths and at standard sizes i.e. 90mm x 35mm, 90mm x 45mm, 70mm x 35mm & 70mm x 45mm.

Blue termite treated timber is available which is suitable for areas south of the tropic of Capricorn and H2 red termite treatment is also available for areas that are north of the tropic of Capricorn.

Various stress graded timbers are available i.e. MGP10 & MGP12 and F5 or F7 timber. The grades are stamped on each piece of timber so you will know that you are dealing with a compliant product.

Timber framing materials we can procure:

MGP10 , MG1P 12, F5 & F7 rated structural timbers in the following dimensions:
  • 70mm x 35mm
  • 70mm x 45mm
  • 90mm x 35mm
  • 90mm x 45mm

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